31 August, 2011

the wind blows dead leaves
from the branches of the tree —
last day of August

Lafayette, Colorado

30 August, 2011

the constellations
on a cool, moonless morning —
these leaves will fall soon

Lafayette, Colorado

29 August, 2011

the new moon tonight —
cicadas, toads and crickets
beneath the dark sky

Lafayette, Colorado

28 August, 2011

the wind in the trees
on the south shore of the lake —
"lap, lap" of the waves

Waneka Lake Park, Lafayette, Colorado

27 August, 2011

red sky at morning —
Orion and Sirius
as the Sun rises

Lafayette, Colorado

26 August, 2011

moonless August night —
Jupiter, through a hole in
these deep purple clouds

Lafayette, Colorado

25 August, 2011

these mounds by the creek
are remnants of the coal mines —
industrial park

Coal Creek Trail, Lafayette, Colorado

24 August, 2011


Lafayette, Colorado

23 August, 2011 № 5

the highway traffic —
pine needles on the sidewalk
behind the strip mall

Lafayette, Colorado

23 August, 2011 № 4

nightsounds at the creek —
the marching band practices
on the football field

Coal Creek Trail, Lafayette, Colorado

23 August, 2011 № 3

the summer of toads —
the smell of the crabapples
crushed on the sidewalk

Lafayette, Colorado

23 August, 2011 № 2

the early evening —
an old garage sale flyer
looks like Our Lady

Lafayette, Colorado

23 August, 2011

a mother stops to
take a picture of the lake —
the birds at sunset

Waneka Lake Park, Lafayette, Colorado

22 August, 2011

and now, a cricket —
the toads croak in unison
on a moonless night

Lafayette, Colorado

21 August, 2011

the wasps come and go
through a crack between two bricks —
moon in the daytime

Louisville, Colorado

20 August, 2011

                                       Disseminating moon
as Orion fades at dawn

Lafayette, Colorado

19 August, 2011

one hundred blackbirds
fly over the park en masse
after the shower

Simpson Mine Park, Lafayette, Colorado

18 August, 2011

the water reflects
the strange light over Broomfield —
the toads and insects

Waneka Lake Park, Lafayette, Colorado

17 August, 2011

a face in the clouds —
the bright waning moon rises
in the late evening

Lafayette, Colorado

16 August, 2011 № 2

golden pink sunset —
an owl in a tree calls out,
"hoo, hoo, hoo-hoo, hoo"

Waneka Landing Open Space, Lafayette, Colorado

16 August, 2011

the business of bees
on a summer afternoon —
ten-foot sunflower

Lafayette, Colorado

15 August, 2011

ripples on the lake
distort the moon's reflection —
the splash of a fish

Waneka Lake Park, Lafayette, Colorado

14 August, 2011

the full moon last night —
puddles in the parking lot
after the shower

Lafayette, Colorado

13 August, 2011

For AD

the full sturgeon moon —
there is a hint of autumn
in the air tonight

Lafayette, Colorado

12 August, 2011 № 2

a bicycle bell —
green apples rot in the sun
beneath the old tree

Andrews Arboretum, Boulder, Colorado

12 August, 2011

cooler in the shade —
spiderwebs in the ivy
beneath the blue spruce

Andrews Arboretum, Boulder, Colorado

11 August, 2011

these mid-summer nights
have been unusually cool —
moonlight on the leaves

Lafayette, Colorado

10 August, 2011 № 3

a small, greenish cloud
in the pastel purple sky —
the sound of children

Lafayette, Colorado

10 August, 2011 № 2

the rain cloud has passed —
blue beehives near the entrance
to the open space

Aquarius Open Space, Louisville, Colorado

10 August, 2011

dragonflies and wind
in the seven-foot cattails —
ripples from raindrops

Greenlee Wildlife Preserve, Lafayette, Colorado

9 August, 2011 № 3

high winds in Sterling —
the mechanics have finished
repairing the bus

Sterling, Colorado

9 August, 2011 № 2

85 degrees
at 7:30 AM —
two crows on the roof

Greyhound Station, Omaha, Nebraska

9 August, 2011

the Des Moines skyline
is bigger than one would think —
just before sunrise

Des Moines, Iowa

8 August, 2011

the child's stopped crying —
the rain falls on the windshield
of the Greyhound bus

Near Chicago, Illinois

7 August, 2011

a neon peace sign
hangs in the neighbor's window —
the waxing moon sets

Valparaiso, Indiana

6 August, 2011

hot night in August —
the bat flies in the theater
as the poet reads

Collingwood Arts Center, Toledo, Ohio

5 August, 2011

the moon through the trees —
the cicadas are louder
than the train whistle

Valparaiso, Indiana

4 August, 2011

the fireflies appear
an hour before the sun sets —
the red brick chimney

Valparaiso, Indiana

3 August, 2011

the lightning bugs glow
in the Indiana night —
just before sunset

Valparaiso, Indiana

2 August, 2011 № 3

the building's blue roof
is mistaken for the lake —
hazy summer day

115th / Kensington Station, South Shore Line, Chicago, Illinois

2 August, 2011 № 2

St. Louis at dawn —
birds fly over the train tracks
at Gateway Station

Gateway Station, St. Louis, Missouri

2 August, 2011

three in the morning —
the slight breeze brings no relief
from the hot, thick air

Gateway Station, St. Louis, Missouri

1 August, 2011 № 3

a hot, humid night —
the Mennonite couple waits
at the bus station

Greyhound Station, Kansas City, Missouri

1 August, 2011 № 2

clouds in the distance —
the roofs of the grain silos
gleam in the sunlight

Near Burlington, Colorado

1 August, 2011

first day of August —
a hawk perches on a fence
and watches traffic

Near Strasburg, Colorado