14 October, 2004

icy autumn night —

looking for the moon, I find

bird’s nest silhouette

Lafayette, Colorado

9 October, 2004

beneath the streetlight —

the fluorescent yellow leaves

hiding the sidewalk

Lafayette, Colorado

5 October, 2004

the old creaking fence —

flashes in the moonless sky

without the thunder

Lafayette, Colorado

2 October, 2004

after the shower —

just a few scattered blackbirds,

a low-flying hawk

Lafayette, Colorado

28 September, 2004

golden leaves pressed flat

against the basketball court —

moon behind the clouds

Lafayette, Colorado

26 September, 2004

a goose calls out twice
as Orion disappears —
just before sunrise

Lafayette, Colorado

25 September, 2004

cool September breeze —

smoke from the chiminea,

two crickets chirping

Lafayette, Colorado

22 September, 2004

perched on a stop sign
the mynah bird screams at cars —
first rain of autumn

55th Street & Central Avenue, Boulder, Colorado