31 May, 2011

snow atop Longs Peak —
a gentle breeze cuts the heat
on this warm spring day

Waneka Lake Park, Lafayette, Colorado

30 May, 2011

branches strewn on this
windy Memorial Day —
a sky full of stars

Lafayette, Colorado

29 May, 2011

on this cool spring night,
clouds cover most of the sky —
ahh... the Big Dipper

Lafayette, Colorado

28 May, 2011

the brown dog barks twice —
the tree's branches are weighed down
by the wet blossoms

Lafayette, Colorado

27 May, 2011

tiny white flowers
cover the sprawling green bush —
a mild spring evening

Lafayette, Colorado

26 May, 2011

two daddy longlegs
wait for prey near the window —
a white candle burns

Lafayette, Colorado

25 May, 2011

the computer hums —
the black moth on the ceiling
has been there for hours

Lafayette, Colorado

24 May, 2011

the dim solar lamps
on this cloudy spring evening —
the howls of coyotes

Lafayette, Colorado

23 May, 2011

the wet streets reflect
the porch lights of the houses —
cool night in late May

Lafayette, Colorado

22 May 2011

on this moonless night
the grey cat waits patiently—
the sound of crickets

Lafayette, Colorado

Published at Asahi Haikuist Network, 30 September 2022

21 May, 2011

elephant-shaped cloud —
the branches sway in the breeze
on this warm spring night

Lafayette, Colorado

20 May, 2011

a starry evening
after days of heavy rain —
neighborhood dogs bark

Lafayette, Colorado

19 May, 2011

a cold night in May —
rivulets of rainwater
in the alleyway

Lafayette, Colorado

18 May, 2011

the sound of water
as it trickles from the spout —
hidden moon tonight

Lafayette, Colorado

17 May, 2011

the dandelions
on the lawn have gone to seed —
full moon behind clouds

Lafayette, Colorado

16 May, 2011

perched upon a fence,
a crow eats a green apple —
cars on the highway

287 By-Pass Trail, Lafayette, Colorado

15 May 2011

a man & his dog
are out for a late-night walk—
streetlights in the fog

Lafayette, Colorado

14 May, 2011

raindrops and car tires
are the only sounds tonight —
moonlight behind clouds

Lafayette, Colorado

13 May, 2011

thousands of fluffy
cottonwood seeds ride warm winds —
a brown rabbit hops

Lafayette, Colorado

12 May, 2011

the rushing waters
of Coal Creek, swollen from rain —
muddy tennis ball

Coal Creek Trail, Lafayette, Colorado

11 May, 2011

after the rainstorm,
a bee crawls out of the hive —
birds sing in the trees

Lafayette, Colorado

10 May, 2011

high winds and light rain
on this overcast evening —
the wet flagstone path

Lafayette, Colorado

9 May, 2011

birds and a squirrel
eat the birdseed on the ground —
a windy evening

Lafayette, Colorado

8 May, 2011

birds sing at sunrise —
two rabbits in the alley
are joined by a dove

Lafayette, Colorado

7 May, 2011

a warm, gentle breeze —
the crescent moon, almost new,
is low in the sky

Lafayette, Colorado

6 May, 2011

a bat climbs and dives —
all is quiet at the pond
just before sunset

Lafayette, Colorado

5 May, 2011

a lone crow in flight —
snowy peaks in the distance
on this warm spring day

Boulder, Colorado

4 May, 2011

patches of blue sky —
the bee gathers pollen from
the dandelion

Lafayette, Colorado

3 May, 2011

some stars are hidden
on this mild mid-spring evening —
the dog on the lawn

Lafayette, Colorado

2 May, 2011

the cold, starry night —
a bouquet of white balloons
in the bare branches

Lafayette, Colorado

1 May, 2011

a family waits
to meet its newest member —
the first day of May

For Dashiell

Lafayette, Colorado